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Car progress & back to lifting.

Picked up the brake parts I ordered for the rear axle I'm having rebuilt for the Dodge. They were short two parts, so I'll have to go back this week to get them. One of these weekends I'm going to have to clear out the garage so I can get the Dodge into the driveway. Once I do that, I'll be able to arrange for a tow truck to take the car down to the drive-line shop & have the work started.

I should be ordering the new conversion brake booster assembly soon, too. There's a ready-made kit to convert from manual to power brakes, that includes the master cylinder, brake booster, mounting bracket w/conversion linkages, and a proportioning valve. It should be pretty easy to install, from what I can tell. I'm also going to order the front disc conversion kit soon. Once I get the car back from the drive-line shop, I'm going to leave it in the side driveway so I can work on it easier.

Once all of that is done, the only things left will be new brake lines all around, new emergency brake cable, mounting the lever to put the trans in park, new fuel lines & mounting the gas tank/hooking up the sending unit.

If all goes well (and I don't have another "issue" any time soon) I think I can have this driveable sometime this summer. As far as I know, that will be the 1st time it's been on the road since it was last registered (license plate on it says 1978!).

Oh, and I've also started back to lifting. Only my 1st week back, but I really haven't missed too many weeks. Since I injured myself in December, I've managed to get about 45% (on average) of my workouts in. (If I look at it that way, I don't feel so discouraged...)

4:53 p.m. - 2017-04-28


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